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The Hun"s Yellow Pages

The Huns Yellow Pages


The Hun invites you to flog your blog.
Submit your blog site to increase your traffic and your conversions.
We all know THE HUN'S YELLOW PAGES the best place to be online, IF you want the best first run traffic. This is your opportunity to promote your blog site.
Ask Parney G about this opportunity and pricing on all the HUN"S PAGES.

flog   flɒg,flɔgShow Spelled Pronunciation [flog, flawg] Show IPA Ėverb (used with object), flogged, flog⋅ging. 1. Slang. a. to sell, esp. aggressively or vigorously. b. to promote; publicize.

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The Hun"s Overflow Pages

The Huns Overflow
The additional links that never made it to the Hun"s yellow pages. The listings on the Yellow Pages have to be as varied as possible though. In the past that meant deletion of galleries, waste of hard work, and witholding of quality galleries from the visitors of the Yellow Pages. Not anymore though. Now there"s The Hun"s Overflow. "cause there"s never enough. Happy Hunning!!
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MOBIHUN. The links that go with you where ever you go. Mobihun is now active and gaining momentum. For all you webmasters with mobile adaptable content the #1 TGP is now on your potential clients cell phones. Donít miss the opportunity to let them know your out there. HAPPY MOBIHUNNING ARGHHHHHH!!
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